Bill Gates & Jeffrey Epstein: Deception, Lies, and Philanthropy?

It’s not a secret that emotions and motivations dictate behavior or that the inverse of this is true in that one’s behavior can also allude to their motivations and their emotional state. Because of this relationship being quite well-known to us, it doesn’t take an investigative journalist to smell a farce when one’s behavior conflicts wildly with their stated motivations. And this is especially the case when people initially lie about such behavior ever occurring, subsequently refuse to answer further questions, and hide behind their lawyers and PR people while insisting that it was all done in the name of anonymous philanthropy.

from left: James E. Staley, at the time a senior JPMorgan executive; former Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers; Mr. Epstein; Bill Gates, Microsoft’s co-founder; and Boris Nikolic, who was the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s science adviser.

As basic and obvious as the machiavellian premise above is, this is the exact scenario that the New York Times was met with during their investigation into the relationship between Bill Gates and Jeffrey Epstein. Through their investigation, it was revealed that Bill Gates not only lied about the depth and duration of his relationship with Jeffrey Epstein when he said that he didn’t have a relationship or a friendship with him, but he was also meeting with Epstein without the foundation, Melinda Gates, his wife, being aware of it.

Further, it was also revealed through the NYT investigation that Gates met with Epstein on 6 known occasions, but Gates, his lawyers, and his PR people refuse to answer the total amount of interactions between the men. However, it is not disputed that Gates and Epstein had several dinners together, met both in Seattle and at Epstein’s mansion in New York, and took a flight from New Jersey together on Epstein’s plane. But a refusal to divulge the total amount of meetings and clamming up about everything else is little else than an act of damage control; there is clearly more to the story.

Even more suspicious, Gates wasn’t exactly alone in his friendship with Epstein though as others in his circle that were quite close to Epstein too. For example, Gates’ former science advisor until 2014, Boris Nikolic was named successor executor on Epstein’s will two days before his death. Melanie Walker, of the Gates Foundation and the significant other of Steven Sinofsky was also a long-time friend of Epstein as well as Prince Andrew unironically. Both of which functioned as intermediaries for Epstein and Gates as per the NYT. Reid Hoffman, the CEO of LinkedIn also met and worked with Epstein on several occasions; he’s since apologized for it.

On top of meeting with the likes of Epstein behind his wife’s back, keeping the same friends as Epstein, and lying about it while hiding behind his lawyers and PR people, people who aren’t in business to fight in the name of the truth mind you, Bill Gates did something else entirely out of character and subsequently suspicious by simply deviating greatly from his operational security and a well-established pattern of flying on his own jets by flying with Epstein on one of his jets to Florida instead. As a person who invests maniacally in operational security, sparing no expense to the point of having armed guards, 4 jets, 1 helicopter, 1 seaplane, yachts, and blood of his type waiting for him at many of his destinations as if he were a Bond villain, you can rest assured that Bill Gates doesn’t just hop on anyone’s plane.

To say that Gates has maniacal opsec is an understatement. That said, Bill Gates would have to be supremely desperate to bypass a major component of his operational security and risk his reputation by flying on Epstein’s plane with him. Desperate for what is the real question though. Had his own jets not been available or down for maintenance, Gates could have easily chartered a jet or bought every seat on a commercial jet, or simply just flown commercial; all of which wouldn’t have threatened his reputation as much as flying under the radar so to speak with a known rapist, sex trafficker, and pedophile. Hell, plenty of people would rather walk to Florida than fly with such a person as Epstein.

ABC FOIA for both of Gates Bombardier BD-700 jets.

But if Gates’ jets were operational and flight-ready, then there is little else that Epstein’s jet could offer the likes of Gates besides the same type of discretion that he’s offered countless other predators. It doesn’t make sense that Gates would sneak around with the likes of Jeffrey Epstein behind the back of his wife and foundation, all but abandon his opsec to fly on Epstein’s plane with him in the name of philanthropy, and then lie about it. All of which may explain why Halley Freger of ABC did an FAA FOIA request for both of Gates Bombardier BD-700 jets (N194WM & N887WM) that he owned during his entanglement with Epstein.

In summary, it’s quite obvious that Bill Gates and Jeffrey Epstein were most definitely closer than Gates would prefer to admit. But if Bill Gates’ account of their relationship was credible, then he wouldn’t have had to lie about his relationship with Jeffrey Epstein in the first place or hide it from his wife and their foundation for that matter. Further and given his Bond villain-esque operational security, including but not limited to redundant private jets and armed guards 24/7, along with Jeffrey Epstein’s reputation, hence Gates initial denial, there are few legitimate circumstances, if any at all, that would force the likes of Bill Gates onto Epstein’s private jet and Gates has yet to provide a single justification for doing so as of yet.

When combined, the lying, the sneaking around, their mutual friends, their inexplicable flight, his hiding behind PR/legal, their lacking explanations, and the fact that Bill Gates was doing all of this while with Jeffrey Epstein, the most notorious pedophile in human history, Gates’ behavior is no less suspicious and confounding than Prince Andrews, if not worse, and his stated benevolent motivations do not even come close to aligning with his behavior.

That said, Bill Gates relationship with Jeffrey Epstein and his behavior since this has been realized is incredibly suspicious. Journalists and concerned citizens are well within their right to be suspicious and critical of them as such behavior and the pathetic attempts made at covering it up are as amateur as the underage girls being preyed upon by the likes of Epstein and his wealthy and powerful friends. That said, what’s done in the dark always finds a way to shine and I for one am excited to see what Halley Freger of ABC uncovers in her FOIA request.




Engineer, Farmer, and Hellion

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Mitchel Lewis

Mitchel Lewis

Engineer, Farmer, and Hellion

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