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“For we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence — on infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice, on guerrillas by night instead of armies by day. It is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific and political operations.” -John F. Kennedy


As a society we tend to overlook the fact that the majority of lawyers, politicians and executives of major firms are not there because they are the best equipped to do the job, but because they have fraternal affiliations. Even though some may see this as a coincidence, you can read any fraternal charter and see that such post-educational advantages are implicitly by design; commonly referred to as “nepotism”. Apparently, drinking, drugs, and cornering the market on campus fuckery is just gravy.

When considering that these fraternal organizations are also demarcated by race and gender while being hyper-empowered with preferential treatment throughout society, it is not at all difficult to see how countries and companies run by these ‘bros’ take on a similar form as a whole. Nor is it difficult to see how gender and racial inequality could still be prevalent in any of these respective entities as a result of this antiquated behavior.

While many of these fraternities will try to make themselves out to be prestigious and ethical, it seems as if these modern Greek societies measure their recruits based solely on the depraved and filthy lengths that they are willing to go through in order to become a member. When these young bros rush to join a fraternity for instance, they aren’t being ritualistically measured by their intelligence or integrity. If that were actually the case, then they wouldn’t have to be sworn to secrecy about these rituals, which is a fancy means for suppressing what they really have to do for acceptance. To name a few, drinking vomit, sodomy, covering up ‘murders’ and the occasional death; but it doesnt end there. Even worse, the pledges least inclined to participate in deranged rituals and/or question the nature of what they are becoming a part of tend to be cast aside, bullied, and/or harrassed.


Unfortunately, it also seems as if this immoral behavior is not limited to fraternities. Often flying under the radar, sororities seem to be just as demented as the fraternities, sometimes worse. From ranking their pledges by their breasts, forcing them to do cocaine or fuck themselves with a dildo in front of everyone, and sending what may be the worst email I’ve ever seen, they are anything but what they try to present themselves as being, regardless of their stated mission and values. When measured by their actions and what they do when no one is looking, they seem to be all conclusive of that which can best be described as “stepford ratchets” working in depraved unison with their fraternal bro counterparts.

As if having a company run by these frat boys and their crony brethren wasn’t bad enough, not enough attention is paid to the HR and recruiting departments of these same companies. Often comprised of sorority girls, HR departments are notorious for running cover and doing damage control for the resident Good Ol’ Boy clubs which so many industries are notorious for; especially within technology. Often masquerading as progressive feminists, modern HR departments are anything but that and are often enabling, empowering, recruiting, and covering for these brotherhoods which is the antithesis of feminism; much like a sorority in college.

Sure, many of these departments claim to be champions of diversity and equality, but they will never produce data that showcases the promotion velocity and pay of frat boys in comparison to employees without greek affiliations. This isn’t because they don’t have this data, but instead because they wouldn’t be able to deny the fact that fraternal allegiances give people priority in their organization, let alone admitting their own complicity in matters pertaining to gender and racial inequality within the work place.

Ofcourse they will act shocked and appalled when their frat boys hire escorts for corporate events or implement bullshit ‘diversity training’ and ‘Growth Mindset’ propaganda all day. But will they stop recruiting people that require ethics training in spite of having a college degree? Doubtful.

Of course they will clean house when their frat boy employees get bad publicity after showing their true depraved colors, but are they actively looking for this behavior or turning a blind eye to it? Doubt it. In fact, some even seem to be fostering such behavior at the recruitment level, even ‘rushing’ their recruits in a similar manner. Further, those that bring up issues with fratboy like behavior and their nepotism to HR seem to get pushed out of the company rather than accommodated; just ask Susan Fowler. Or is it a reach to speculate that having sorority girls recruiting for a company may result in more frat boys and sorority girls within your organization at an alarming rate? It seems perfectly rational when considering doing just that is specified in virtually every single fraternal credo.


Unfortunately, the present state of the United States and the world at large for that matter makes significantly more sense if you consider for a moment that it isn’t being run by the intellectual elite. Instead, it seems as if our world is run almost entirely by people who are so unfit to lead that they have to drink vomit, commit crimes or even subject themselves to sodomy in order to join a brotherhood that gets them a seat at the table where their own merit and abilities alone could not get them.

Rather than being measured by anything that matters, fraternity and sorority members have been hazed and indoctrinated into a society of depraved people who in turn value depraved people. They aren’t the best, most ethical, or most integral and compensate for this instead by being the best connected, most depraved, and most willing to unquestionably tow the company and party line at any cost. Although they are absolutely a bunch of drunk assholes, fraternities and sororities are highly organized and their negative impact on society is undeniable. As such, it may be time for society to reconsider the social acceptability of fraternal orders, before it’s too late.

“Clubs, fraternities, nations — these are the beloved barriers in the way of a workable world, these will have to surrender some of their rights and some of their ribs. A ‘fraternity’ is the antithesis of fraternity. The first (that is, the order or organization) is predicated on the idea of exclusion; the second (that is, the abstract thing) is based on a feeling of total equality. Anyone who remembers back to his fraternity days at college recalls the enthusiasts in his group, the rabid members, both young and old, who were obsessed with the mystical charm of membership in their particular order. They were usually men who were incapable of genuine brotherhood, or at least unaware of its implications. Fraternity begins when the exclusion formula is found to be distasteful. The effect of any organization of a social and brotherly nature is to strengthen rather than diminish the lines which divide people into classes; the effects of states and nations is the same, and eventually these lines will have to be softened, these powers will have to be generalized.” E.B. White, One Man’s Meat

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